The Buzz

  • With the implementation of Spotlight Hiring™, retention level of new employees 120 days from hire date increased 70%. Spotlight also helped us increase leadership effectiveness and teamwork. The decision to utilize Spotlight Leadership was the best investment we made all year.
    -Steven Douglas
    Morgan & Pottinger
    Louisville, KY

    Spotlight Leadership pushed us to see beyond our mundane daily operations and work toward achieving long term goals and solutions.
    -Russell L. London, Esq.
    London & London
    Newington, CT

    My Coaching experience has been extremely productive, significantly improving my own productivity and allowing me to focus on improving my weaker skills while leveraging my stronger ones. The sessions have helped not only my professional, but also my personal experiences as well. The value to both Commercial Legal Software and myself far surpassed my initial expectations.
    -Luis Gomez
    Vice President of Research and Development
    Commercial Legal Software, Inc.
    Montville, NJ

  • Using the Spotlight Leadership programs our Senior Management Group has definitely grown together as a single, cohesive unit, working together to launch our company successfully into the future.
    -Nanci Ciresi
    Chief Operating Officer
    M&P Collections, Inc.
    Luoisville, KY

    We were able to successfully implement and launch an new employee review process and reward system that increase employee motivation within 6 weeks of taking the Spotlight Leadership program. I strengthened each one of my relationships with the managers reporting to me and there was a true immediate benefit.
    -Dan Anthone
    Director of Operations
    Charles B. Darrah & Associates LLC
    Denver, CO

    I’ve made plenty for hiring mistakes in the past that cost me. This time, with Dr. Ronen’s High Impact Hiring System, I hired the perfect person for the job and at a salary that was half what I was planning to offer!
    -Tom Krieglstein
    Founder and CEO
    New York, NY