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Dr. Eyal Ronen, Founder of Spotlight Leadership is a recognized international speaker. His talks are exactly as they should be; engaging, resonating and redefining. Your audience will love the experience, and it will make you look great!


As a Doctor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and experienced business leader, Eyal’s profound understanding of the “human factor” in the workplace can completely and immediately recalibrate an audience’s approach to people issues.
Eyal tailors each and every talk to address the burning questions of his participants, delivering stimulating, high-energy conversations that provoke novel and powerful solutions to ingrained, habitual people problems.



Recent keynotes that Dr. Ronen presented include:


Get What You Want:
How to motivate employees and other important people in your life
Hiring For Success:

Uncover the secret code to hire great employees the first time around


Make Your Managers Think Like CEOs:

Avoid he four biggest leadership mistakes



Of course, Eyal is happy to explore any people problem that your organization wants to solve.


So contact us today to schedule a spectacular speaking engagement that will redefine your views on the “human factor” in the workplace!