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Spotlight Hiring™ is our signature program for hiring star performers who stand out and stick around for the long haul.


Recent Client Results:

  • $1.3 MM savings in annual hiring costs
  • 50% reduction in time to fill positions
  • 67% reduction in interviewing unqualified candidates
  • 70% reduction in employee turnover


Every single client that has ever used a Spotlight Hiring™ system has rehired us to create systems for subsequent positions.  That’s a fact that we’re very proud of.


Using scientific data derived from thousands of people and multiple sources, we implement interviews, assessments and tests to produce a selection system for a specific position that’s based on future performance, not only past experience. We even back our systems with cutting-edge prescreening and candidate tracking software.


Easy, efficient, and highly cost-effective. Our comprehensive program is scientifically based, statistics driven and related to actual work outcomes, which makes it very unique and incredibly reliable. The end results are huge savings in screening time and expenses, drastic reductions in turnover, and impressive boosts in long-term employee productivity and retention.


Clearly, each situation is unique. Our clients experienced a screening process that is twice as fast, resulting in a turnover reduction of 70%, and to date, every single client that has ever used a Spotlight Hiring™ system has rehired us to create systems for subsequent positions.


Using a Spotlight Hiring™ system in your organization for a full year and for an unlimited number of candidates will cost less than using a headhunter for a single employee. Now that’s cost-effective!

Spotlight Leadership takes all of the work out of hiring fantastic employees, and the only people who end up crossing your desk are a perfect fit for the position. Period. The only decision that you’re left with is who you’d like to work with the most!

After all, there are great people out there who would love to work for you.