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Employee engagement is one of the hottest buzzwords in the world of leadership and professional management today. Although we’re not big fans of buzz, we are huge proponents of effective strategies that improve bottom line results and increase workplace happiness. Employee engagement does exactly that.


So what is employee engagement?


It is the employees’ desire to invest their own resources in the success of the organization. What resources exactly? Depending on their level of engagement, employees will choose to invest their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral resources to benefit the organization.



What does this mean to you?


It means that engaged employees feel a strong connection to their organization, and they are committed to going the extra mile on its behalf. In fact, they spend time and energy actively thinking of ways to help out. They feel such a strong connection to the organization that they truly see its success as their own.



Spotlight Employee Engagement is founded on the Engagement Trifecta:


  • Leadership preparedness
  • Supporting organizational processes
  • Engaged employee mindset

Our unique model results in long lasting employee engagement that far exceeds other interventions. We help organizations engage employees in the deepest sense. Employees are happier, managers experience greater control, and the organization experiences unprecedented levels of success.


We currently have a team of researchers reviewing the hottest scientific results and cutting-edge practices from around the world. There is no better way to improve organizations than to ensure a fully engaged team, and our mission is to create the most comprehensive program in the industry to consistently measure and increase employee engagement.


To increase employee engagement and lead an even more effective organization, contact us today to decide which of our 10 leadership seminars are right for you and your team.


We create the long lasting leadership skills that create engaged teams.